Code Review Office Hours

Starting Thursday May 12th, 13:00 PDT ( 20:00 GMT ) we will be having the first weekly Code Review office hours on freenode IRC in the #wikimedia-codereview channel.

Event details: E179: Code Review Office Hours
Background: T128371: Set up Code Review office hours

Thanks to everyone who's been helping to organize this. We would welcome people to submit your patches for review as well as reviewers who can spare a few minutes to provide feedback and hopefully merge some patches!

If you can't make it during the scheduled time period then please feel free to suggest other times that would be better for you. I intend to set up one or two other weekly time slots, at least one of which should be at a time that's more convenient for people in Europe and Asia.

Looking forward to seeing you in #wikimedia-codereview

Written by mmodell on May 9 2016, 9:50 PM.
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