Watroles returns! (In a different place and with a different name and totally different code.)

Back in the dark ages of Labs, all instance puppet configuration was handled using the puppet ldap backend. Each instance had a big record in ldap that handled DNS, puppet classes, puppet variables, etc. It was a bit clunky, but this monolithic setup allowed @yuvipanda to throw together a simple but very useful tool, 'watroles'. Watroles answered two questions:

  1. What puppet roles and classes are applied to a given instance?
  2. What instances use a given puppet class or role?

#2 turned out to be especially important -- basically any time an Op merged a patch changing a puppet role, they could look at watroles to get a quick list of all the instances that were going to break. Watroles was an essential tool for keeping VMs properly puppetized during code refactors and other updates.

Alas, the puppet ldap backend fell into disrepair. Puppetlabs stopped maintaining it, and Labs VMs were left out of more and more fancy puppet features because those features were left out of ldap. So... we switched to a custom API-based puppet backend, one that talks to Horizon and generally makes VM puppet config more structured and easier to handle (as well as supporting project-wide and prefix-wide puppet config for large-scale projects.)

That change broke Watroles, and the tool became increasingly inaccurate as instances migrated off of ldap, and eventually it was turned off entirely. A dark age followed, in which puppet code changes required as much faith as skill.

Today, at last, we have a replacement. I added a bunch of additional general-purpose queries to our puppet configuration API, and we've added pages to the OpenStack Browser to display those queries and answer both of our previous questions, with bonus information as well:

  1. What puppet roles and classes are applied to a given instance?
  2. What instances, prefixes, or projects use a given puppet class or role?
  3. Which puppet classes are currently in use on Cloud VMs?

The data on those pages is cached and updated every 20 minutes, so won't update instantly when a config is changed, but should nonetheless provide all the information needed for proper testing of new code changes.

Written by Andrew on Jun 20 2017, 3:26 AM.
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