Cloud Services team Q3 FY17/18 highlights

The Foundation fiscal quarter running from January 2018 through March 2018 was a busy one for the Cloud Services team:

@Harej joined us as an Associate Product Manager on a six month contract. James is working on defining a product roadmap for "Toolhub". This project is an effort inspired by T115650: Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools. You can follow his progress via the Toolhub Phabricator project and the project's pages on Meta.

@Bstorm was hired as an Operations Engineer. She joined us just before the Foundation's annual all hands event and got a crash course in the names and faces of about 300 co-workers. Brooke has a lot of prior experience in both systems administration and software development, and is coming up to speed quickly with the Cloud Services environment. Her recent projects include improvements to the Toolforge CDNJS mirror and enhancements for the automation tools we use to update the Wiki Replicas indexes and views.

Our third new team member in January was @Chicocvenancio. A long time Wikimedian and Toolforge user, Chico is working as a Technical Support contractor. If you stop by the #wikimedia-cloud irc channel and ask for !help Chico is likely to be one of the folks who tries to help you out.

@srodlund also officially became part of the team as a technical writer. Sarah had been working with us on an ad hoc basis for months, but in January we came to an agreement for her to spend 50% of her paid Foundation time working on technical writing projects. Sarah has many years of experience as both a technical writer and as a writing instructor. We are excited to have her leading our efforts to create a community of technical writing contributors for the many Wikimedia projects.

The team was also busy working on the 'normal' projects which, when things go well, are seldom noticed. Wikitech, Horizon, and the Toolforge admin console have been moved to new physical servers thanks to @Andrew. You can read more about the details in Running red-queen-style. @aborrero has been working on making software security updates easier to manage. @chasemp is progressing on our OpenStack Neutron migration project. The public facing parts of Dumps have been moved to new servers thanks to a collaboration by @madhuvishy and @ArielGlenn.

In Toolforge news, long time volunteer @zhuyifei1999 was granted Toolforge administrator rights. YiFei has been providing great technical support advice to our community and code contributions for Toolforge and related services for many months. The adminship gives him greater abilities to troubleshoot and correct problems for Toolforge tool maintainers.

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