Use Retrofit for direct mobileview page load

Authored by bearND.


Use Retrofit for direct mobileview page load

  • Added new library + license info + ProGuard rules devRelease apk size difference: before: 3,812,413 bytes after: 3,852,942 bytes = +40KB
  • Implemented PhpApi Retrofit service endpoint
  • JsonPageLoadStrategy ApiTasks converted to use Retrofit callbacks
  • New Gson POJOs for PageLead and PageRemaining
  • PageLead Gson parsing had an issue with the protection field --> had to use custom JSON deserializer for the protection field due to T69054.
  • pageLead request uses formatversion=2 to make handling boolean values easier. pageRemaining doesn't have any booleans, so not needed there yet (but probably wouldn't hurt).
  • section: ArrayList -> List
  • new Section(json) -> Section.fromJson(json)
  • Retrofitted RefreshSavedPageTask functionality
  • Get Main page for widget (also added slight optimization)
  • SectionsFetchTaskTests -> PageLoadTests
  • Removed SectionFetchTask
  • Add noimages flag (have to skip sending the parameter when false since the MW API takes the mere presence of the parameter as a true value)
  • Add W0 mcc-mnc enrichment header
  • Add other custom headers
  • Get W0 X-CS header
  • Use OkHttpClient cookie handler and cache
  • Cache the RestAdapter's output the service object since this is a memory intensive object. See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20579185/is-there-a-way-to-reuse-builder-code-for-retrofit#answer-20627010

I started most of the POJO files using jsonschema2pojo.org. But manually updated them to
introduce the static inner classes, added some convenience methods; and, of course,
last but not least add the custom deserializer for the MwPageLead.Protection object.

The parts I don't like are the extra de-/serialization steps in Section.java. I think it's probably better to leave that
to use org.json.JSONObject parsing instead of using Gson since we pass the former over to the JS bridge.
Now toJSON() builds a new JSONObject just for that. Oh well.

The code is already structured so that it's easy to plug in a new way of loading page content through RESTBase.
It was a bit rough to genericize regular Retrofit interfaces which are used to generate the Retrofit endpoint functionality.
If it wasn't for that this code would have been quite a bit simpler and more standard Retrofit. Sorry, Jake.

Change-Id: I0ea27355780f8d1550b743714454b5fe701d4490


bearNDSep 2 2015, 10:15 PM
rAPAW6996a9569f8e: Add exceptions to TranslationTests