merge release/4.1.1

Authored by BGerstle-WMF.


merge release/4.1.1

Here's a breakdown of the conflicts:

  • Wikipedia.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj

Pretty simple, just some new files

  • Wikipedia/AppDelegate+DataMigrationProgressDelegate.h
  • Wikipedia/AppDelegate+DataMigrationProgressDelegate.m
  • Wikipedia/AppDelegate.m

Some issues w/ refactoring the crash reporting refactor and data
migration progress consolidation. I added a property to verify the alert
view is the data migration alert, just to be doubly sure.

  • Wikipedia/Networking/Fetchers/MWKImageInfoFetcher.m
  • Wikipedia/View Controllers/Image Gallery/WMFImageGalleryViewController.m

Had to refactor some stuff to incorporate the "no canonical filename"
fallback that Corey added.

  • Wikipedia/Wikipedia-Info.plist

Version & bundle identifier conflict.

  • WikipediaUnitTests/OldDataSchemaMigratorTests.m

New tests added

Change-Id: I4e0c130c3aa9e66b7e2af312294b3e21cfc26b7e
Ticket: T96452