zuul: skip test/test-prio for CR+2 changes

Authored by hashar on May 2 2019, 2:11 PM.


zuul: skip test/test-prio for CR+2 changes

When doing a 'recheck', the 'comment-added' event caries the change
approval and it thus enter both test and gate-and-submit pipeline.

To prevent test/test-prio from enqueuing in such a case, have them
reject changes that have a CR+2 approval.

The reject: is available in Zuul since:


Add tests to:

  • verify gate-and-submit accepts a comment carrying a CR+2, done by having the event to carry the change approvals.
  • for independrent pipelines reacting to 'recheck', make sure they:
    • reject changes that received a Code-Review +2
    • accept changes without approvals which requires upstream patch https://review.opendev.org/#/c/589762/ Or Id2505e3823bd9badabb3e33103cbe537be36701d

Bug: T105474
Change-Id: If6e5d8a43d76facdc35e40544ad95c9f23bbb31b