Replace *-jsduck-* jobs with *-node10-docs-* ones


Replace *-jsduck-* jobs with *-node10-docs-* ones

Mostly just changes mwext-jsduck-publish to mwext-node10-docs-docker-publish,
but a few exceptions:

  • mwext-VisualEditor-jsduck-docker -> mwext-node10-rundoc-docker. Wasn't custom. Just a substituted version of {name}-jsduck-docker.
  • mwext-VisualEditor-docker-publish -> mwext-node10-docs-docker-publish. This was a custom job that published to doc.wm.o/VisualEditor/$branch. It will now publish to doc.wm.o/VisualEditor/$branch/js instaed, which is fine given we have automatic redirects to lone sub directories. (However, we'll need to one-time delete the old directory as otherwise /$branch/ will remain the stale content it has now.)

Change-Id: I211c507f957675b64aa80009f2025377419e0820