Rearrange config to provide better experience

Authored by Daimona on Oct 20 2018, 10:24 AM.
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Rearrange config to provide better experience

In order to bundle AbuseFilter, we have to provide an optimal
configuration for sysadmins. This patch aims to provide such
configuration, and of course it's open to changes.
Changed values:
*Grant abusefilter-view-private to admins. This is mostly for
redundancy-safety (they already have -modify)
*Grant modify-restricted to admins (see T200032)
*Disable the 'degroup' action. This is really dangerous, not ideal to be
enabled by default.
*Grant the abusefilter-revert right to sysops. This is similar to
assigning the modify-restricted right in its rationale.
*Add abusefilter-log-private to viewrestrictedlogs grant. This right
should go together with abusefilter-view-private. (T226987)
*Remove abusefilter-revert from the rollback grant, as that right is
for reverting AF actions and has nothing to do with rollbacks.

This mostly copies the config of WMF production: degrouping is already
disabled there, and modify-restricted should
be assigned to sysops on WMF wikis as well. The assignment of the
abusefilter-view-private and abusefiliter-revert rights is handled in
I09cb462312c5bbc71ee3a8f0fbd91357908130d4 (parent patch) to keep the
status quo.

NOTE: this patch should be *deployed* together with the config patch to avoid discontinuities. Thus, please ONLY provide a virtual +2 using a +1, and I'll coordinate the +2 with a deployer.

Bug: T191740
Bug: T200032
Bug: T226987
Depends-On: I09cb462312c5bbc71ee3a8f0fbd91357908130d4
Change-Id: I58f215b8aa3444602532098a3c9dfd25409f29eb


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This commit no longer exists in the repository.