Enable Pasting of Text with embedded Links

Authored by Peter Boehm <boehm@hallowelt.com> on Apr 2 2019, 12:51 PM.


Enable Pasting of Text with embedded Links

With this Change pasting of plain text with embedded links
into Visual Editor will change in behaviour:

First, http and https links will no more be surrounded with
nowiki tags, but will be displayed as external links.
Secondly, every linebreak will cause a paragraph, so new lines and
double lines will work.

not covered:

  • inserting "this is http://www.example.com" will always make a paragraph;
  • inserting multilines without any links will not be transformed;
  • pasting from browser or msoffice will not be transformed with this change

Cherrypick to REL1_31

Change-Id: I7d400686a25d7280f46c54b76318441a98cfa219