Split alerts and messages in Echo

Authored by Mooeypoo.


Split alerts and messages in Echo

Split the notifications into 'alert' and 'message' badget with two
different flyouts. Also clean up styling and module behavior.

  • Depends on ooui change Id4bbe14ba0bf6c for footers in popups.
  • Depends on ooui change Ie93e4d6ed5637c for fixing a bug in inverted icons.
  • MobileFrontend must also be updated to support the new modules in this patch I168f485d6e54cb4067

In this change:

  • Split notifcations into alert and messages and display those in two different badges.
  • Create two separate flyout/popups for each category with their notifications.
  • Create a view-model to control notification state and emit events for both the popup and the badge to intercept and react to.
  • Clean up module load and distribution:
    • Create an ext.echo.ui module for javascript-ui support and ooui widgets.
    • Create an ext.echo.nojs module that unifies all base classes that are needed for both nojs and js support, that the js version builds upon.
    • Create a separate ext.echo.logger module as a singleton that can be called to perform all logging.
  • Clean up style uses
    • Move the special page LESS file into nojs module so all styles load properly even in nojs mode.
    • Transfer some of the styling from JS to LESS for consistency.
    • Make the 'read more' button load already with the styles it needs to look like a button, since its behavior is similar in nojs and js vesions, but before its classes were applied only by the js, making it inconsistent and also making its appearance 'jump' from a link to a button.
  • Delete and clean up all old and unused files.
  • Moved 'Help.png' icon from modules/overlay to modules/icons for later use.

Bug: T108190
Change-Id: I55f440ed9f64c46817f620328a6bb522d44c9ca9