Fix no result messages on "New translation" dialog

Authored by Petar.petkovic on Nov 30 2017, 10:37 PM.


Fix no result messages on "New translation" dialog

  • Fix "No pages found for $1 in $2", where $1 is query input and

$2 is selected source language. When there are no pages for given
search query, message is displayed. If source language changes, both
$1 and $2 stay the same, but source language ($2) should change.

  • Change how no result messages are centered, without using additional

DOM element to wrap centered text.

  • Add pending indicator when recent edits are fetched. This should be

apparent when there is input query in "New translation" dialog and
source language is changed.

Bug: T181457
Change-Id: Ib9251b2dd5c50b2464d976261d9c6e212d08ede7