Merge branch 'master' into deployment


Merge branch 'master' into deployment

e9b0914 Add payWithAmazon feature branch
7a2590b Clear out old Amazon code to prepare for PwA
0b458f8 Switch Amazon to Mustache form, add modules
752155e Redirect to Amazon for login
1b03769 Add Amazon wallet widget
2c7de69 Add pay with Amazon SDK composer package
e2c2b10 Add Amazon API endpoint
ebc4c1f Move Amazon Widget script and return URL into account
92c92ea Use modern hook registration for Amazon
3557613 Clean up a bit of Amazon javascript
1dc9d35 Authorize and capture Amazon payment
322c8ee Amazon code cleanup
66405f6 Add amount and currency to Amazon API post
762dfdb Quit validating that order_id is numeric
6f0b6b0 Move Amazon test responses into their own files
ea84a1b Allow callables in GatewayAdapter::$error_map
5586d85 Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
e392498 optional address fields for mustache
2be9476 de-centralize mustache js
c2a5959 Handle results of Amazon API calls
fc09dd7 worldpay ESOP
5e8e6c9 Don't submit an Amazon payment with invalid amount
ce6937d Worldpay resultswitcher
14f9b31 Comment out old WP API for now.
38019a9 Bring Amazon branch back to normal Mustache templates
2b89523 Case IsHosted parameter for ESOP only.
b30c62d selection weight = 0 for worldpay iframe
f51df97 Stylesheet for Worldpay.
649c55e Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
5261a45 add name and email to required fields for WP
5a8a564 Minor Amazon formatting cleanup


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