Don't parse html->wikitext if we don't have to

Authored by matthiasmullie.


Don't parse html->wikitext if we don't have to

When submitting content, for B/C reasons we still output everything
needed to render (even though we don't use it ourselves anymore)
It incorrectly outputs everything as wikitext if we supplied content
in wikitext, causing an entire topic to have to be converted from
html to wikitext & being really slow.
This is a small hack to stop it from rendering everything in wikitext
when we don't need it (and never properly did it previously anyway)
When B/C thingies have been removed, this line should also be removed
(I'll immediately add this to one of those patches)

Bug: T98408
Change-Id: I897e2a73518f1ffde2d945d5119147da0bc1ab43