Scroll toc at same time as board

Authored by EBernhardson on Dec 16 2014, 11:41 PM.


Scroll toc at same time as board

This patch aims to fix a bug which happens when there are not enough
items in their TOC for it to autoscroll to the correct position. Moments
after opening the TOC the other items load, but its already too late the
user has seen the inconsistent state. This is essentially down to lazy
loading the items only when the user looks.

This patch switches to eager loading, by hiding the toc with visibility: hidden
instead of display: none. It also switches the toc to scroll at the same time as
the main window. I also found and removed bit of duplicated scroll code between
flow-board-navigation.js and flow-board-toc.js, which caused numerous issues
while debugging.

Fixes T78572

Bug: T78572
Change-Id: Ibc0b71ad72cdfe6f5a5722511cb97621ae56940f