TOC bug: duplicated topics in some views

Authored by EBernhardson.


TOC bug: duplicated topics in some views

Not all pagination links include their current sorting option, this means
that it defaults to the per-user options. Because of this the first page
you load could be in one sort order, then the infinite scroll pulls in the
next page with a different sort order, resulting in duplicate topics.

  • adjusts the code to always include the sort order in the generated pagination links.
  • adjusts the handling around offset-id/offset in the same code to be more consistent and throw exceptions when invalid arguments are provided.
  • always specify the find options, previously 'newest' was allowed to take the defaults which works but was not explicit enough.
  • savesortby was using isset instead of truthiness to determine if it should trigger. Adjusted this code and the matching UrlGenerator code to pass a truthy value.

Bug: T85582
Change-Id: I627e769bdf733bdea13a04ef6ed23ec590af2499