Homepage Mentorship module

Authored by SBisson on Mar 6 2019, 11:53 AM.

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Homepage Mentorship module

  • Mentors are assigned as needed from $wgGEHomepageMentorsList
  • The module is not present if a mentor can't be assigned
  • Shows basic info about the mentor and allows posting on their talk page
  • Extracted the message posting dialog and logic into "ext.growthExperiments.Homepage.QuestionPoster" and use it from "ext.growthExperiments.Homepage.Help" and "ext.growthExperiments.Homepage.Mentorship"
  • Made a bunch of messages configurable

Bug: T216631
Depends-On: Ica3e6e7165496bdc9b8f12972cf93847ecfffa50
Change-Id: I86292672006cdbfb6eadb661d9156755ec160e9e


SBissonMar 21 2019, 2:00 PM

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