proof-of-concept/super hacky: on-wiki chat

Authored by kostajh on May 18 2019, 2:47 PM.

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proof-of-concept/super hacky: on-wiki chat

Implement a chat content type for storing data about chat messages. Implement
chat on /wiki/Chat and in help panel.

among the many TODO items:

  • make less hacky
  • code reuse
  • emoji in messages and as reactions
  • thanks integration
  • @mentions / echo
  • see who's in the chat room
  • more than one chat room / config
  • keep track of what you last read
  • alternate colors for nicknames
  • basic wikitext for bold/italic/links

Bug: T223807
Change-Id: I2567b0024bd16b1d2b1ae50086224cfeeb2c4db9


kostajhMay 19 2019, 3:09 PM

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