Have inputbox langconvert certain attributes

Authored by Bawolff on Nov 21 2017, 4:01 AM.


Have inputbox langconvert certain attributes

This approximates the behaviour prior to core change for
T119158. It will language convert the options: default,
buttonlabel, searchbuttonlabel, and placeholder if they
contain a "-{".

The old behaviour was to handle the insides
of -{ glossary rules here }- and convert text if there was a
glossary rule both prior to the beginning of the attribute and
prior to the end of the attribute (So default=foo-{}-bar-{}-baz
only bar would be converted). I believe that just looking for
-{ is probably close enough. It also opens the question of if these
options should always be language converted, but I'll leave that
for someone else to decide.

Bug: T180485
Change-Id: I3aa10890950afce445075e895baf6b10327bc222
(cherry picked from commit b9e0005c715cbb668af530736b3e3728fe96d77e)