Update patch set 1

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Update patch set 1

Patch Set 1:

I noticed this when looking at the code for I3ed9529de, which I have just started work on again, but I thought it was best as a separate patch.

Patch-set: 1
Reviewer: Mr. Stradivarius <1590@e9e9afe9-4712-486d-8885-f54b72dd1951>
Label: Verified=0


MrStradivariusAuthored on Jul 14 2015, 4:03 PM
Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org>Committed on Jul 14 2015, 4:03 PM

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Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org> committed rELUA4226d540dc62: Update patch set 1 (authored by MrStradivarius).Jul 14 2015, 4:03 PM

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