Standardise URI query formatting

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Standardise URI query formatting

This patch standardises URI queries in the mw.uri library so that they
have the same formatting as URI queries generated from PHP. In

  1. For duplicate keys, mw.uri.buildQueryString now produces foo[0]=bar&foo[1]=baz, instead of foo=bar&foo=baz. (The square brackets are URI-encoded.)
  2. mw.uri.buildQueryString can now handle nested query tables. mw.uri.buildQueryString{ foo = { bar = { baz = 'qux' } } } will now produce "foo[bar][baz]=qux". (Again, square brackets are URI-encoded.)
  3. mw.uri.parseQueryString can now handle keys like "foo[]", "foo[0]" and "foo[bar][baz]".
  4. Query arrays passed to PHP from Lua are normalised to start at 0, not 1.

Bug: T93059
Bug: T105851
Change-Id: I3ed9529deb7a63dbabdc58d7afb3b0cea9307a7f


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This commit no longer exists in the repository.