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Update patch set 4

Patch Set 4:

The benefit to type-checking is that it's a lot easier to debug modules if the mw libraries generate sensible error messages. Remember that we're writing Scribunto for casual coders who may have little experience in Lua or programming in general; any help we can give them in tracking down bugs has to be a good thing.

Type-checking would also make this library consistent with the other mw libraries and with the standard Lua libraries. Providing inconsistent interfaces across different libraries is going to be confusing for module writers. If there's a way we can support things like metatables while still giving sensible error messages then we should do that, but otherwise I'd prefer that we keep things consistent.

Patch-set: 4
Reviewer: Mr. Stradivarius <1590@e9e9afe9-4712-486d-8885-f54b72dd1951>
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MrStradivariusAuthored on Jul 16 2014, 2:05 AM
Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org>Committed on Jul 16 2014, 2:05 AM

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Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org> committed rELUA8aef0feb526e: Update patch set 4 (authored by MrStradivarius).Jul 16 2014, 2:05 AM

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