Fix share tabs

This commit no longer exists in the repository. It may have been part of a branch which was deleted.This commit has been deleted in the repository: it is no longer reachable from any branch, tag, or ref.


Fix share tabs

The share/embed tab bar used some hacks to disable MenuSelectWidget's
normal behavior of disappearing once a selection has been made; after
the last OOUI update this doesn't work anymore.

This commit makes some small changes to make it work again:

  • replace .show() with .toggle() as the widget uses a custom show/hide mechanism now
  • reorder some calls - .toggle() has no effect as long as the menu has no options
  • disable autoHide which would hide the menu when the user clicks outside (didn't test if it is really needed but seemed reasonable)

Also undoes some CSS changes that came with the update.

Bug: T89531
Change-Id: I3688ec21250bf2eb8dbfd67e306e857028d71fc7


Commit No Longer Exists

This commit no longer exists in the repository.