Change dynatree library to fancytree js library

Authored by priyanshu_varshney on Dec 27 2018, 6:19 PM.

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Change dynatree library to fancytree js library

Since dynatree.js library is obsolete, this commit reflects changes in
PF_dynatree.js and other related files.

Change-Id: I8a476fb02c45eb0011cd5afa31ae59346d01a1ef

Fix Deleted the unnecessary files and updated Readme

Change-Id: I00887f5919d28ec1a917784a1a1379e13e2d3502

Modified improved the indentation of the following files.

PageForms.php, extension.json, PF_dynatree.js

Change-Id: Ie4ba844199c6bcde7843c547539c44174e20d4e2