eventLogging: Add missing *Hover properties

Authored by phuedx on May 9 2017, 6:41 PM.


eventLogging: Add missing *Hover properties

Action changes:

  • Include the namespace ID in LINK_DWELL.

Reducer changes:

  • Add the createEvent helper, which adds the pageTitleHover and namespaceIdHover properties in the event.
  • Create "dismissed", "dwelledButAbandoned", and "opened" events using the createEvent helper.

Additional changes:

  • Store the target page's associated mw.Title using jQuery.
  • Update the eventLogging reducer's test cases so that all LINK_DWELL representations include title and namespaceID attributes.
  • Create the createStubTitle factory function, which returns a minimal usable mw.Title stub, and use it in the actions and integration test cases.

Bug: T164256
Change-Id: I8a63d82a65324680dff9176020a8ea97695428c4