Recto/verso numbering through <pagelist/>

Authored by Candalua on May 6 2018, 8:54 PM.


Recto/verso numbering through <pagelist/>

Add recto/verso numbering to pagelist tag, with 3 new options:
folio, folioroman, foliohighroman. These will assign a number
to each leaf instead of each page, with the two sides labeled
r for recto ("front") and v for verso ("back").
The first page in a range is assumed to be a recto.
Examples: 1to4=folio -> 1r 1v 2r 2v
1to4=folioroman -> ir iv iir iiv
1to4=foliohighroman -> Ir Iv IIr IIv

Bug: T73821
Change-Id: Ibb40bf06ac8f6b19d525b57a482bf2a6c8ed590e