Styling tweaks for Vector

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Styling tweaks for Vector

  • Survey should float to the right
  • Inject before images when present

Bug: T107603
Change-Id: 2a91720f3a827982f8f9ec448f3dc6f4e84f0b6f

Insert survey before thumb when present.

Cautionary notes:

  • Not clear what happens when put inside infobox
  • The survey might be bigger than the thumbnails around it. We have no control

over the user content so this will have to be a tradeoff - we can't keep consistent.

Bug: T107603
Change-Id: Ie48d716b870a10da820c766fece8b3e806003614


JdlrobsonAuthored on Aug 17 2015, 11:09 PM

Commit No Longer Exists

This commit no longer exists in the repository.