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Authored by Tgr on Aug 25 2017, 9:00 PM.

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Update patch set 14

Patch Set 14:

I would actually recommend against that- schema changes on

> production are hard, and any optimization normally requires those.

I was thinking of index changes - are those hard to do, as well? Initially the Android app will be the only one to use the feature, so even if everyone opts in, we would be looking at a million lists and ten million list entries. Adding a new index to something of that size should be on the scale of a few hours (annoying, but not impossible) I think?

> For production testing (assuming beta has already been done),
> smaller deployment would be required (e.g. only deploy to
> testwiki).

Not sure how much sense it would make, given that there all sites will use a single shared database. I guess we could configure testwiki to have a separate database of its own.
(Beta deployment is planned around end of Q1. The apps will use this extension through a RESTBase proxy which still needs to be written.)

> Which shard are you thinking to deploy this to?

x1, per T164990#3264314.

Patch-set: 14


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