Add button to have revision slider expanded automatically

Authored by WMDE-leszek on Aug 12 2016, 7:35 AM.

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Add button to have revision slider expanded automatically

This adds a button which allows a user to make revision slider
automatically expand on each diff page (disabled by default).
User's choice is stored as a hidden user preference.

This is a bit hacky as it squeezes a button on top
of another button (100% wide expand/collapse button).
This also adjusts styles of ToggleButtonWidget so
the button looks more like a frameless button, although
it is created as a framed one (to have inverted behaviour
when button is in its "on" state).

The button only gets visible when CSS styles are loaded
(ie. it is inserted hidden in PHP code) to avoid button
jumping around the top of slider window before "right"
styles are applied.

Bug: T142196
Depends-On: I4742d5ea2841962e5f1463d4fb2eda0dfaa4d563
Change-Id: Id561485344cba9b136666fe31b086151467de19e