WIP: Enable RevisionSlider for mobile diff pages

Authored by Florian on May 20 2017, 9:30 AM.

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WIP: Enable RevisionSlider for mobile diff pages

With the dependant change, the RevisionSlider is enabled on mobile
devices, too.

This change ensures, that the design and functionality is working
on mobile devices. This includes:

  • The jquery.ui.draggable module is only loaded, if the page is not viewed in mobile loading all needed jquery dependencies in mobile would be too much, and using the new concept of clicking in the RevisionSlider works pretty well on mobile)
  • The z-index is removed from most elements, except the pointer lines, which will be behind the other content

Bug: T165835
Change-Id: I05677e555353361610b93df70d6d2fc81f718b89
Depends-On: I68cf50f5dd339f34802d70df1f32d2c3390944a3