Basic screenreader compatiblity improvements

Authored by WMDE-Fisch on Jun 12 2017, 10:25 AM.

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Basic screenreader compatiblity improvements

Improvements included in this patch:

  • added aria-expanded attributes to the expand buttons
  • added aria-label for the help button
  • minor refactoring of OOUI elements
  • changed help link in tutorial so it makes more sense when read by screen readers
  • add tabindex for changes div and auto focus after base version selection
  • add aria-labels for the changes div and the editor
  • use labelled divs and allow tabbing over them in the changes div
  • add acceskey and grid role for changes div

Bug: T166117
Change-Id: I8143b852ef24ebf654f662a98f40528393d30050