Refactor final output formatting


Refactor final output formatting

  • Use 'nowiki' strip marker to prevent list processing (also known as doBlockLevels()). This resolves various issues related to using <syntaxhighlight/> blocks in lists and lists suddenly appearing inside <syntaxhighlight/> blocks. Fixes T17333, T25674, T104067.
  • To prevent <p/>-wrapping resulting from the above, add our own wrapper <div/> around the output.
  • Since we already have our own wrapper, remove Pygments' one and extend it with custom attributes. This resolves some regressions from the GeSHi migration. Fixes most of T103964.

Bug: T17333
Bug: T25674
Bug: T103964
Bug: T104067
Change-Id: I3afd1224a18549c62cd4a95fd046affa6d1d3b3f

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