Better no-JS support

Authored by ashley on May 20 2020, 6:15 AM.


Better no-JS support

The following actions, which previously required JavaScript to be enabled, are now possible without JS:

  • sending a user board message via Special:UserBoard
  • sending a user board message to another user via their social profile page
  • deleting a user board message (this now uses Special:UserBoard internally)
  • updating the visibility of your own profile fields via Special:UpdateProfile, e.g. making some fields visible only to your friends, friends of your friends or to yourself
  • sending a board blast via Special:BoardBlast
    • note that the "(select|unselect) all (friends|foes)" links require JS and thus are hidden from no-JS users
  • sending a gift to another user via Special:GiveGift
  • adding a relationship (friend/foe) via Special:AddRelationship
  • removing a relationship (friend/foe) via Special:RemoveRelationship
  • approving relationship requests via Special:ViewRelationshipRequests

Note that in many places, after completing an action (e.g. sending a friend request), two buttons labeled "Main page" and "Your profile", are displayed. Currently these buttons require JS to function. I figured they were somewhat of a lower priority than critical functionality (the bulleted list above).

This patch also includes some escaping tweaks to various i18n messages.

Bug: T248390
Change-Id: Ib0013c292165479e5c6ac0b58638083132f7ab62