Actor support, now requires MW 1.34+

Authored by ashley on Jan 19 2020, 5:46 PM.


Actor support, now requires MW 1.34+

Massive internal changes here, all code interacting with e.g. user_stats table via the UserStatsTrack class will need to be updated.
Most classes accept a User object in the constructor, the notable exceptions being:

  • UserStatsTrack -- prefers currently an actor ID but accepts the old (UID, user name) combo; in the future this'd hopefully accept a User but that's easier said than done
  • wAvatar class -- still only takes user IDs; this is largely due to the fact that avatar file names include the user ID so making this accept something else is easier said than done

Bug: T227345
Change-Id: Icf29d900b5bc007b1db001771eb97e140f158b0e