Use wikimedia/css-sanitizer, and rewrite the hooking

Authored by Anomie on Feb 20 2017, 4:33 AM.

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Use wikimedia/css-sanitizer, and rewrite the hooking

wikimedia/css-sanitizer provides a real CSS parser, which should be
safer than poking at things with regular expressions.

Instead of the strange hybrid model that tried to both process inline
CSS and save CSS when the template is saved, it now looks for
<templatestyles src="Title" /> during the parse to do all the
transclusion of styles.

The output method is "<style> tags in the body", pending someone
implementing T160563.

It now also registers a "sanitized-css" content model, which should pick
up the CSS syntax highlighting and will validate the submitted CSS on
submit and prevent a save if it's not valid.

This patch also takes advantage of LGPL-2.x § 3 to relicense the
extension as GPL-2.0+, although at this point none of the LGPL code
remains anyway.

Bug: T133408
Bug: T136054
Bug: T135788
Bug: T135789
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