Allow cancelling an upload on the "Details" step

Authored by matthiasmullie on Sep 28 2016, 2:23 PM.


Allow cancelling an upload on the "Details" step

There already was a "remove" button, but it was added to
div.mwe-upwiz-submitting, which was only displayed when files
were being submitted (and the remove button wasn't event
being displayed)

Instead, the remove button will now be added to the form,
allowing files to be deleted during the details step.

This has some other consequenses:

  • The "copy information" widget needs to be repositioned if the first upload is deleted
  • That same widget must use info from the next upload to be copied to the rest
  • That widget can not be shown if there's only 1 upload left
  • If all uploads have been removed, go back to the first step

Bug: T141907
Change-Id: I0dc235c91a97d0d0f7682c86c48bb0e2b43a0173