Update VE core submodule to master (e61ebf2)


Update VE core submodule to master (e61ebf2)

New changes:
61d20a1 Hide on-screen keyboard when selecting nodes on all mobile platforms
e5aff79 Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
a99a897 Update OOjs UI to v0.12.3
3c01a14 Make DM nodes sensibly hashable
a611eb9 Make ve.dm.example.postprocessAnnotations fluent
496c895 Update ve.dm.ElementLinearData#hasContent documentation
fcaa035 Support RegExp sequences; trigger sequence matcher after newline
edda1d4 Add a mechanism to wait until ve.init.platform has been created
e174155 Autolink URLs when typing
ac9248f Allow drag and drop of links (and subsequent autolinking)
c88fad6 Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.

Local changes:

  • Define ve.init.platform.getUnanchoredExternalLinkUrlProtocolsRegexp.
  • Make ve.ui.MWLinkAction extend ve.ui.LinkAction.
  • Override ve.ui.LinkAction.getLinkAnnotation so auto-links use the proper ve.ui.MWExternalLinkAnnotation type.

Change-Id: I934f76158512e2e89b614ed92fef6481f70728e7