Transform the search widget to show image details

Authored by Mooeypoo.


Transform the search widget to show image details

Add an info panel to the MediaDialog to show the user information
about the chosen file from the new extmetadata API.

Also, change the way results are viewed:

  • Present the search results with their proper ratio.
  • Use masonry fit for the search results.
  • Change the resizeToBoundingBox method in ve.dm.MWImageNode to accept a specific side constraint, either 'width' or 'height'. This is also going to be useful for adding and calculating 'scale' considerations that affects the image height.
  • Add info panel with details from extmetadata including author, license, date of upload and creation, etc.
  • Get descriptions and data according to wiki language.

Bug: T78161
Bug: T74061
Change-Id: I7b4d019825aa89dd178665bd9492a07af15954ac