Update VE core submodule to master (83d45d1)

Authored by Esanders.


Update VE core submodule to master (83d45d1)

New changes:
9d162ce Restore the selection to a sensible place when closing FindAndReplace
57229ac Only apply annotations if 'done' is clicked
bfb17ee Always show cancel button on annotation inspectors
91672cf Disable 'done'/'insert' button when input invalid
aef9cbd Only create annotations from text input if it is valid
a384b96 [BREAKING CHANGE] Make getTextFromAnnotation/getAnnotationFromText static
fa09ab7 Scroll table selection into view when it changes

Local changes:
Make getTextFromAnnotation/getAnnotationFromText static

Change-Id: Id3c2a1efb1f327fa6d5b93d57d90bb5bb8ee88f8