Removed movetoolbar definitions

Authored by Henning Snater <henning.snater@wikimedia.de>.


Removed movetoolbar definitions

As per discussions and T58050 as well as T74297 in particular, the broken "move" toolbar
feature is removed in order to allow sane refactoring of the components having managed the
API's "index" parameter. "move" feature will be reimplemented as soon as T74297 is done
while T58050 may be set to "fixed" after having merged this change.

Bug: T58050
Change-Id: Idfe47d0d24b967b8fa94d3fc8e30212da601cadd

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Tobi_WMDE_SW committed rEWBA054dd6e5b5de: Removed movetoolbar definitions (authored by Henning Snater <henning.snater@wikimedia.de>).Jan 6 2015, 9:48 AM