Revert "Revert "Make label view multiline by default""

Authored by thiemowmde on Aug 4 2015, 9:36 AM.
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Revert "Revert "Make label view multiline by default""

This reverts commit ba8df82bd18f81cc9a4e72237216235ddfbebd00
and fixes the CSS that previously suppressed multiple spaces in an
inconsistent way. Note that there is no JS nor PHP code that "normalizes"
multiple spaces. You can enter them, they are not displayed but they are
accepted by the UI, the API and the special page. I think it's confusing
to suppress them via CSS when, in reality, they are not suppressed.

The Wikidata team agreed on this path: First make all spaces visible.
Later have a discussion if multiple spaces should be collapsed similar
to what MediaWiki core does to titles.

This change will break a browser test, not because this patch is wrong
but because the browser test is wrong. The relevant fix can be found at
https://github.com/wmde/WikidataBrowserTests/pulls/84 and should be
merged together with this patch.

Bug: T106327
Change-Id: Ia0ea026c6a779700ec6dd34d9a6ddc1bc02e17d3

Commit No Longer Exists

This commit no longer exists in the repository.