Replace meaningless <a class="plainlinks"> with extiw in RC/watchlist

Authored by thiemowmde on Apr 28 2016, 9:43 AM.


Replace meaningless <a class="plainlinks"> with extiw in RC/watchlist

When client links to repo in recent changes and watchlists these links
are currently marked as <a class="plainlinks">. But this class never
had an effect when applied directly to <a>, see

As far as I know the intention was to remove clutter (hundreds of
external link icons) from rc/watchlist. But: This can't happen here
because these icons are only applied to external links in wikitext via
<a class="external">. And it never happend, otherwise we would have
seen that.

Replacing with class="extiw" which is for links to sister wikis
(described as "Interwiki Styling" in

Discussed and suggested at

Reviewers: Please test with all skins.

Bug: T48329
Change-Id: Ia004d9cf9f1215e7afbe41771491c0f483c7f63a
Fixes: T52893