Follow-up on panel style refactor

Authored by matthiasmullie on Apr 2 2019, 1:21 PM.


Follow-up on panel style refactor

This brings back/fixes a couple of things that had accidentally
been changed in Ia0f72df74a8c9bbcda8f4198efc3379a67e8d784

  • moved padding between title & depicts input to below title, so it's also there for statements that render without input
  • remove padding between depicts input & items, as requested by design
  • fixed background color: all-grey in read mode, only title grey in edit
  • fixed border: none (only margin-bottom) in read mode, small border & no padding in edit mode
  • fixed link color to match OOUI primary button color
  • fixed display of qualifier inputs
  • fixed alignment of last qualifier's horizontal line
  • fixed display of item title if it's preceded by a more elaborate .wbmi-statements-title
  • bring back foreign-repo styling (though functionality probably also needs to be fixed - current method of detecting foreign repo doesn't suffice, and is missing in PHP version)
  • moved last outstanding couple of things that shouldn't only be applied on filepage, but also when importing statements standalone (e.g. in UploadWizard)
  • changed selector using &- shorthands: shortening this is not DRY or deduplication, but it does make things slightly more prone to break, since you can't grep for the full class name and find the matching selector.

Change-Id: Ia0391f89f81109224340bd09c9c6de3406e17024