Follow-up on panel style refactor

Authored by matthiasmullie on Apr 2 2019, 1:21 PM.

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Follow-up on panel style refactor

This brings back/fixes a couple of things that had accidentally
been changed in Ia0f72df74a8c9bbcda8f4198efc3379a67e8d784

  • moved padding between title & depicts input to below title, so it's also there for statements that render without input
  • fixed background color: all-grey in read mode, only title grey in edit
  • fixed border: none (only margin-bottom) in read mode, small border & no padding in edit mode
  • fixed link color to match OOUI primary button color
  • fixed display of qualifier inputs
  • fixed alignment of last qualifier's horizontal line
  • fixed display of item title if it's preceded by a more elaborate .wbmi-statements-title
  • bring back foreign-repo styling (though functionality probably also needs to be fixed - current method of detecting foreign repo doesn't suffice, and is missing in PHP version)
  • moved last outstanding couple of things that shouldn't only be applied on filepage, but also when importing statements standalone (e.g. in UploadWizard)

Change-Id: Ia0391f89f81109224340bd09c9c6de3406e17024