Wikieditor: Rework deferred building of toolbar


Wikieditor: Rework deferred building of toolbar

Currently sections of the toolbar can be built deferred. This
is done for the help section and the special characters. The
disadvantage is, that you can't modify such sections before
they are really loaded.

This patch modifies the behavior by doing the following:

  • Toolbars are always built directly. After all, deferring isn't used there anyway in the standard configuration.
  • When a booklet is requested to be built only when it's needed, the index and all pages will be built immediately, only the content of the pages is deferred and built only when it is needed.

Even on slow machines building all pages immediately doesn't cause
noticeable pauses, in fact, opening a page with special characters
seems even faster because only the page you need is built, not all

Since all pages exist from beginning, you can remove and add pages
from user scripts. It is still not possible to modify an existing
page (add or remove a row to a help page, add or remove a character,
unless it is the page that was opened last time), but this is something
that shouldn't be needed very often, so it should be acceptable that
it still doesn't work.

Bug: T25479
Bug: T70791
Change-Id: I0e61b1fd4f6139a251e53a1fac28b3821bc6b860


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