Convert ext.wikiEditor module to packageFiles

Authored by Catrope on Jul 20 2019, 8:09 AM.


Convert ext.wikiEditor module to packageFiles

This allows us to bundle the wgWikiEditorMagicWords and
mw.msg.wikiEditor(?!) config vars that were previously exported globally
in the startup module.

This code is old and crufty, so this is a somewhat minimal conversion:

  • Use require() for jquery.wikiEditor.{dialogs,toolbar}.config.js, and for jquery.wikiEditor.{dialogs,toolbar}.js
  • Don't attempt to convert jquery.wikiEditor.js to something require-based, instead just run it and let it set the $.wikiEditor and $.fn.wikiEditor globals
  • Consolidate ext.wikiEditor.{dialogs,toolbars}.js into ext.wikiEditor.js

Bug: T222828
Change-Id: Ia75d685cbde786e8fceb6db36f2436b2beea1499