Refactor Javascript modules

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Refactor Javascript modules

Split up the, at this point quite big, ext.wikispeech. Some methods
were also moved from ext.wikispeech.selectionPlayer. The new modules
are both smaller and have a more specific tasks.

The modules are now (all starting with ext.wikispeech):

  • main - initializes the rest of the modules, when approriate.
  • storage - holds utterances and does calculation for utterances and DOM.
  • player - playback control.
  • selectionPlayer - logic for reciting selected text.
  • ui - adds GUI and handles user input.
  • highlighter - higlights text when reciting.
  • util - functions that are used by multiple modules without having a strong connection to any of them.

A couple of failing tests are now fixed, possibly as a result over
earlier patches.

Bug: T182205
Bug: T174799
Change-Id: Ic199134bf171ba778048f2461cce1d9a61ff5433


Sebastian_Berlin-WMSEAuthored on Apr 12 2018, 8:44 AM

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