[WIP] Add LexemeViewFactory to enable adding forms.

Authored by Jakob_WMDE on Apr 18 2017, 3:51 PM.

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[WIP] Add LexemeViewFactory to enable adding forms.

This adds a LexemeViewFactory extending ControllerViewFactory in order
to wire the lexemeview, lexemeformsectionview and lexemeformview
together including toolbar and ToolbarViewController for the

It also adds a an intial LexemeForm model for the datamodel frontend
which at the moment does not inherit from Entity. It is only needed to
provide the equals-method for the ToolbarControllerView.

Persistence is not implemented yet. It uses a fake model instead of an
EntityChanger that always resolves the "save" promise.

Note: this is completely untested, contains a lot of TODOs, FIXMEs and
might still break in various places. Basic adding and editing of forms
should work though.

Bug: T162339
Bug: T162340
Bug: T162341
Change-Id: Ie36d5e5dbd80706f26f91d57abe742decfad3c3d
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Jakob_WMDEApr 19 2017, 1:30 PM

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