LexemeDiffVisualizerIntegrationTest: use Wikibase methods

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LexemeDiffVisualizerIntegrationTest: use Wikibase methods

Get rid of need to override factory members thanks to automatic
(in tests) resetting in wikibase provided by I89ab5e9c2d608fb2d2f7de4ed8ba3d40fd7ef13c.

This solves a problem overseen in I17328bd2be3cb1ea39fe993a092eed88868e5052 due to too mocky integration tests.
This effectively reverts commit 9d996c2f472936a8231bc120633eea6a64de0f93.

Bug: T195315
Change-Id: I2adb2e8da16488f813d5db4c62a9856147c39742

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