Replace custom module system with JS modules and a build step

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Replace custom module system with JS modules and a build step


  • remove all the manual dependency mapping in extension.json
  • port all lexeme qunit tests to use JS modules (probably requires porting to the jasmne setup)
  • evaluate a way to prevent commiting the build / manual build step
  • remove all __namespace.js files
  • remove IIFEs since the modules system will handle scoping for us now
  • replace all global-variables for lexeme code with JS modules
  • add a production webpack build config

Possible next steps this enables:

  • server-side rendering of at least some of the components (see vue-ssr-spike)
  • add babel for ES2015+ support
  • webpack-dev-server / hot module reloading

While implementing the vue server-side-rendering spike, we had issues with JS
tooling such as webpack because the module alias system isn't understood. It
also breaks IDE navigation and refactoring and violates the principle of least
surprise. That's little benefit over typing out relative paths (or having the
IDE do it for you).

This comes with the downside of a build step, but we need that anyway to adopt
current JS language features without losing browser compatibility. It will also
allow us to enable modern developer tooling like hot reloading.

For now we would probably need to commit the result of the build to the
repository, although I'd prefer the build to be run on Jenkins and the result
stored in a artifact repository instead since this will create big diffs and is
manual overhead.

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christophneurothAuthored on Sep 25 2017, 2:26 PM

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