[Proposal] Don't use readable strings in type IDs

Authored by Aleksey_WMDE on Feb 17 2017, 1:55 PM.


[Proposal] Don't use readable strings in type IDs

It's impossible to change values of entity type ID for Item and Property
but possible for Lexeme, as soon as it is not in production.

Main benefit is that if one will use this just as string value it will
immediately pop up on review, as soon as it will be very noticeable.
It will force all developers use single constant when refering to the ID,
and will reveal relations, like you can see here in LexemeViewTest: why
internal ID exposed to UI?

Also, you can see how many classes currently tied to this ID and can
easily question need for this.

Change-Id: Iac069f87ca8c85582d861e137b2ef7ac8cffa79f